3 Simple Tips For Your Business Facebook Page

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November 4, 2019

In chatting with a new client recently, they asked us how to do some simple things on their Facebook business page that they hadn't managed to find yet. These small things weren't functions or features that would make or break their page, but are certainly useful for anyone who runs a Facebook page to know.

Like another Business' Facebook Page as your Business Page

It's nice to support other small businesses giving it a go or that you do business with, and liking their Facebook page as your business page (as opposed to liking it personally) is a great little way to show this support. This will also allow you to see what they share by viewing your Pages Feed.

  1. Go to the page you wish to like as your page (ensuring you're signed into Facebook with the account you use to manage your own page)
  2. Click the three dots button below their cover photo.
  3. Select Like as your page. If you manage multiple pages you will then be able to select which page you wish to like as.

You can then access a feed of posts from pages you like by going to 'See Pages Feed' in the right-hand column of your own Facebook page.

View Your Own Page As A Visitor

When you are on your own Facebook page, it can feel a bit cluttered with all the menu options and additional prompts that Facebook give you. Sometimes it's good to see what other people see when they are viewing your page, especially if you want to be sure that they are being shown the most useful posts and content, as well as the correct information about your business.

To view your page as if you were a visitor to it, simply click the three dots under your own cover photo, and click 'View as Page Visitor'.

Once you've checked that it all looks fine, you can easily navigate back to your management view.

Tag Other Businesses In Your Posts

Tagging other pages in your posts is a great way to engage with other businesses, especially if you sell their products, enlist them yourself for their products or services, or have recently completed work or project for them.

To tag another page in your post, simply put in the '@' symbol and then type the page you wish to tag. It should then pop up for you to select.

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